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October 19, 2016     Sioux County Index-Reporter
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October 19, 2016

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on the record 4 I Sioux County Index-Reporter October 19, 2016 COURT NEWS New Probates dant, is convicted of OWl-second offense, and shall serve Nathan E. Anderson, Ireton, speeding. Estate of Johanna Sandbulte. 365 days in the Sioux County Jail with all but seven days Jorge Abundio Morales, Sioux Center, no valid driver's Estate of Carol S. Vander Feen. suspended and with credit for time already served.The de- license; operation without registration card. Estate of Linda J. Mulder. fendant shall pay a $1,875 fine, surcharges and court costs. Guadalupe E. Tristan, Boyden, speeding. Judgments filed in Small Claims State of Iowa vs. Eric J. Tilstra, Hudson, S.D., defendant, Leonel Villarreal, Orange City, failure to provide proof Rebecca B. Miller, Hull, defendant, in favor of Credit Col- pleads guilty of OWl-first offense and with the consent of of financial liability. lections Bureau, Bismark, N.D., in the amount of $2,580.58, the defendant, the entry and pronouncement of sentence Rafael Rodriguez Lopez, Sioux Center, dark window. plus interest and court costs, in this case is deferred and the defendant is placed on pro- Alejandro Placid Marquez, Orange City, dark window. Duane A. Jurrens, Hawarden, defendant, in favor of L.F. baton for a period of one year. The defendant shall pay a Edgar A. Martin Perez, Sioux Center, operation without Noll Inc., plaintiff, in the amount of $1,053.25, plus interest $1,250 civil penalty, surcharges and court costs, registration card; no valid driver's license. and court costs. State of Iowa vs. Daniel C. Rodriguez, Orange City, de- Jose A. Diaz Perez, Sioux Center, no valid driver's li- Karrie Roberts, Alton, defendant, in favor of Midland fendant, pleads guilty to the offense of OWl-first offense cense; failure to use headlamps when required. Funding LLC, plaintiff, in the amount of $1,013.77, plus in- and with the consent of the defendant, the entry and pro- Arrend R. Munns, Hawarden, speeding. terest and court costs, nouncement of sentence in this case is deferred and the Gabriel M. Davis, Maurice, failure to maintain control. Clairissa R. Wynia, Sioux Center, defendant, in favor of defendant is placed on probation for a period of one year. Brandon R. Eckberg, Ireton, speeding. Midland Funding LLC, plaintiff, in the amount of $702.05, The defendant shall pay a $1,250 civil penalty, surcharges Scott A. Van Kekerix, Rock Valley, seat belt violation; plus interest and court costs, and court costs, failure to comply with safety regulations. Dawn Wiltgen, Orange City, defendant, in favor of Mid- State of Iowa vs. Marin Vis, Hull, defendant is convicted Juan de la Cruz Ramos Chilel, Sioux Center, speeding; land Funding LLC, plaintiff, in the amount of $588.43. of OWl-first offense and shall serve 180 days in the Sioux no valid driver's license. Civil Cases Closed County Jail with all but 48 hours suspended and with cred- Kurt M. List, Hospers, speeding. Lenin Salvador Castillo Gody, Rock Valley, and Maria it for time already served.The defendant shall pay a $1,250 Addison B. Johnson, Rock Valley, speeding. Magdalena Hernandez Vega, Granville, dissolution of mar- fine, surcharges and court costs. Cameron R. Smith, Orange City, seat belt violation. riage granted. Fines Leslie A. Greving, Orange City, speeding. Maria Arias-Salcedo, Orange City, and Jesus Aria ManuelYanez Legorreta, Boyden, speeding. Cody J.Weiler, Rock Valley, speeding. Topee, Hawarden, dissolution of marriage granted. Jonathan L. Baartman, Hospers, operation without reg- Held J. Flut, Rock Valley, speeding. Criminal Cases Closed istration card. Stacy J. Remmerde, Rock Valley, speeding. State of Iowa vs. Dale A. Meyer, Le Mars, defendant Austin J. Rodenburgh, Sioux Center, speeding. Karina Terjo lined, Sioux Center, no valid driver's li- pleads guilty and is convicted of failure to comply with Tyler A. Danbom, Sioux Center, no valid driver's license, cense; speeding. Iowa Sex Offender Registry Requirements, and shall serve Verna L. Kiel, Orange City, speeding. Danca M. Den Boer, Rock Valley, possession of alcohol 365 days in the Sioux County Jail with all but seven days Caleb U Nibbelink, Orange City, failure to obey stop by minor. suspended and with credit for time already served.The de- sign and yield right-of-way. Nathan J. Van Ginkel, Rock Valley, speeding. fendant shall pay a $625 fine, surcharges and court costs. Kayla G. Neyhart, Sioux Center, fraudulent use of reg- Anthony Chavez Mendz, Hawarden, open container. State of Iowa vs. Derek W. Hooyer, Hudson, S.D., defen- isration. Beverly J. Rieper, Hawarden, failure to yield stop/yield dan, pleads guilty to the offense of possession of marijua- Joseph P. Hehis, Rock Valley, dark window, intersection. na-first offense and with the consent of the defendant, the Francisco Pablo Hernandez, Orange City, no valid drv- Wilma J. Friedmann, Alton, operation without valid entry of judgment and pronouncement of sentence in this er's license, registration. case is deferred and the defendant is placed on probation Taylor J. Henderson, Ireton, speeding. Abigail K. Dahl, Orange City, failure to maintain control. for a period of one year and the defendant shall pay a $315 Victor H. Perez Rodriguez, Sioux Center, speeding. Samantha K. Kaskie, Hull, speeding. civil penalty, surcharges and court costs. Katie S. Broers, Sioux Center, speeding. State of Iowa vs. Johnathon 8. Kots, Orange City, defen- Jordan Alanz, Orange City, speeding. Information provided by Pluim Publishing, Orange City SHERIFF'S NEWS Arrest was using the victim's identity to gain employment at Pre- right onto a field driveway; McGuire was unable to stop, On Wednesday, Oct. 12, at 2:38 a.m., the Sioux County mium Iowa Pork in Hospers, Iowa. attempted to avoid striking Moncada by passing him on Sheriff's Office arrested Cirilo Gomez-Pablo, 23, of Orange Garcia was arrested for identity theft and forgery, the right side and struck the front of the Sterling. City, Iowa. Accident No injuries were reported. The arrest stemmed from a traffic stop that occurred On Thursday, Oct. 13, at 6:16 a.m., the Sioux County The Sterling sustained approximately $4,000 in dam- on 4OOth Street, one mile east of Sioux Center, Iowa. When Sheriff's Office investigated a motor vehicle accident that age.The Ford sustained approximately $10,000 in damage. asked for a driver's license, Gomez-Pablo provided a false occurred on Highway 18, two miles east of Boyden, Iowa. McGuire was cited for unsafe passing on the right. Oklahoma identification card to the deputy. Upon further Griselda Gonzalez, 29, of Orange City, Iowa, was driving Accident investigation it was discovered that Gomez-Pablo used a 2011 Chevrolet Traverse east on Highway 18 when she On Thursday, Oct. 13, at 11:26 p.m., the Sioux County another person's identity to gain employment at Premium struck a deer on the roadway. Sheriff's Office investigated a motor vehicle accident that Pet Health in Orange City. No injuries were reported, occurred on Highway 12, one mile south of Hawarden, Gomez-Pablo was arrested for forgery, identity theft, The Chevrolet sustained approximately $9,000 in dam- Iowa. providing false information, falsifying an identification age. Theresa Sabin, 50, of Hawarden was driving a 2001 card and operating a motor vehicle without a valid driver's Accident Buick Regal north on Highway 12 when she struck a cow license. On Thursday, Oct. 13, at 1:31 p.m., the Sioux County on the roadway. Arrest Sheriff's Office investigated a motor vehicle accident that Sabin was transported by Hawarden Ambulance to Ha- On Wednesday, Oct. 12, at 2:21 p.m., the Sioux County occurred on Highway 18, four miles south of Inwood, lowa. warden Hospital for treatment of minor injuries. Th@ B~uick Sheriff's Office arrested Jose Garcia, 39, of Worthington, Eugenio Moncada, 52, of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, sustained approximately $2,000 in damage. "~~" Minn. was driving a 2005 Sterling semi-tractor pulling a manure The sheriff's office was assisted by Haward~n PQJice The arrest stemmed from a report from a resident of trailer north on Highway 18. Timothy McGuire, 57, of Hol- Department, Hawarden Fire Department and Hawarden Michigan that their identity was being used illegally, stein, Iowa was driving a 2001 Ford F-350 pickup north on Ambulance. Upon further investigation, deputies discovered Garcia Highway 18 behind Moncada. Moncada attempted to turn All information provided by Sioux County Sheriff COMMENTARY m n m m i n i i m u 111 I I I Are You Unhappy With How Your Claim is Going? I Each year thousands of Iowans are hurt at work, but many are not treated properly by the insurance company I because they fail to learn about their rights. A New Book reveals the Injured Workers BJI[_o.LEigh which I includes: I. Payment of Mileage at $.54 per mile 2. Money for Permanent Disability, 5 Things to Know Before Signing I Forms or Hiring an Attorney and much more. The book is being offered to you at no cost because since 1997, J Iowa Work Injury Attorney Corey Walker has seen the consequences of client's costly mistakes. 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Then bate which rules and ideas do just that.We you can decide whether the chip is right may not be able to see improvement right for you. All I am saying is give it an oppor- away, but I have an idea that will change tunity. sports as we know it. It's a simple way to Granted, I don't know a lot about this ultimately make the game better for all. technology. But I know that every day we The idea that I am proposing is putting are learning something new. I can imagine a chip in every ball or hockey puck in use. it would only take a few years for this tech- That way it is easy to tell what actually hap- nology to be made and implemented. We pened instead of only trusting our eyes and all want a better game and this would be the rule book. We put chips in everything one of the ways do it. else, why not use them in sports? It would I say that we try it and let the chips fall make the games fair and easier for all. where they may. If we tried the chips and For example, want to know if a ball they don't work, take them out. However, crossed the goal line in football? Look at aren't we intrigued by the possibilities? I the chip. The chip would be able to signify know I am.Time to play not only the sports, in some way if the ball crossed. Someone but also with one of the new ideas that would be able to watch that and would be come along with it. able to tell the referee what the chip said. Kyle Hoogendoorn No longer will we have to just rely on re- 262202 Influenza Vaccines are available Monday- Friday from 8:30AM to 4:30PM. No appointment is necessary Bring your Medicare/Insurance Card. Payment is due at the time of service unless turned into insurance. Influenza Vaccines will NOT be given on Saturday. Please wear short sleeves. 2121 Hegg Medical Clinic Heg Drive Rock Valley, IA 51247 (712) 476-8100 LETTER TO THE EDITOR Dear Editor, Skyler is someone who won't be corrupted How often is it when we go to the polls by corporate influence. that we feel forced to select the lesser of I also want to vote for Trump/Pence. I two evils? When you hear the candidate on don't believe Mr.Trump will be a corporate the campaign trail they say exactly what hand puppet like too many of the"electecl you want to hear but when they get in of- fice they only listen to their corporate con- tributors like the incumbent"elected elites" we seem to have in Washington, D.C. Regrettably, I wish I could always vote for someone I really believe in. Good, honest elected representatives like Randy Feen- stra, John Kooiker, Sam Clovis and the late Dwayne Alons. In this election there are two people I want to vote for: Skyler Wheeler for the Iowa House of Representa- tives, District 4, and Trump/Pence for presi- dent/vice-president. Skyler is a true conservative in every definition of the word, not a RINO. I believe elite" in Washington, D.C. We need to apply common sense to the problems that the career politicians have created in Wash- ington, D.C. and then blame someone else. While Mr. Trump certainly is not perfect, I don't know of anyone on earth that is. If common sense isn't applied soon it may be too late. We can vote out the activist judges from the Iowa Supreme Court that redefined marriage. Vote NO on Appel, Cady and Hecht. Thank you! Howard Vlieger Maurice, Iowa /